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Established in 1982 by Hartmut Ortlieb, the business quickly became synonymous with designing and producing the very best in waterproof bags. Even today, 29 years later, research and development, design, testing and production are all carried out in their factory in Heilsbronn not far from Nuremberg in Germany.

Over the years, many expeditions to all four corners of the earth have chosen Ortlieb as their luggage of choice because they know it won't let them down.

To reflect this quality and passion, they are developing a carefully selected network of UK dealers - "100%ers" - who not only carry a broad range of Ortlieb products, but who are also keen users of the gear, ensuring you get the very best advice based on their personal experience.

Action Outdoors Ltd is proud to be amongst those chosen for this initiative. We offer a wide range of items on our website, but can also source any Ortlieb product in production, so give us a call if you are after something that is not listed.


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