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Wild Country Rocks on Wire Set 1 to 8
Product Code 12RWASET1-8




Wild Country Rocks On Wire are among the most popular nuts on the market. Rocks On Wire are now better than ever as they are tapered in another direction, offering more placement opportunities. The new shape of Rocks on wire has also alowed them to be lighter than before, so muchso that the larger sizes can be as much as 10g lighter than the previous model. Wild Country Rocks are now all colour coded. The great thing about this is that the colours not only relate to the nuts but they also guide you when using other pieces of Wild Country protection. If you were about to place a large nut of a certain size/colour and found that you had already used that size/colour, you could use it as cross reference to select a tech friend or a rockcentric. The idea behind all of this colour coding is that youspend less time selecting gear and more time climbing giving you the best chance to keep chasing those grades! Rocks On Wire are now available right upto size 14! These are an absoloute must for your rack. Another style of nut that would be well worth doubling up on sizes with would be the DMM Wallnuts. These tend to fit just where a Wild Country wont but are slightly more tricky to extract. meaning where possible it makes life easier on your second if you place Rocks On Wire. Particuarly if you really like to seat your gear hard.

Size Colour  Dimensions In (mm)Breaking Load In (kN)Weight In (G)
1Violet 7 x 13716
2Green 8.2 x 13.81225
3Silver 9.6 x 14.51228
4Gold11.3 x 15.31230
5Blue 13.3 x 16.81232
6Red 15.6 x 191236
7Graphite 18.4 x 21.21236
8Turquoise 21.6 x 241241
9Gold 24.4 x 27.71249
10Silver 30 x 311260
11Green 34 x 351270
12Red 38 x 381281
13Gold44 x 411294
14Blue50 x 4512109

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