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Naturally Paramo Taiga Fleece
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This highly water-repellent Directional fleece jacket has been designed to be worn either as a stand-alone garment or in combination with the Fuera Windproof Jacket for total Directional Waterproof protection. It is excellent for travelling because of the generous pocketing and the comfort factor - lovely to use as a pillow! The Directionality continues working in all conditions, even high humidity, so you remain comfortable and dry on the inside. The two large chest pockets will hold a map, guide or travel papers and the two handwarming pockets can be used to hold items securely too. The two-way zip means it is easy to ventilate and to access your base layers if needed. The Taiga has become one of Paramo's customers' firm favourites for use on and off the hill!

Colour: Moss
Average Weight: 790g

  • Maximum freedom of movement and increased comfort in the shoulder and arm area provided by articulated shoulders and sleeves.
  • Adjustable temperature and weather protection from the high collar with single-hand drawcord adjustment.
  • Field guide, lenses or other essential storage provided by large zipped chest pockets - one large enough to hold an OS map.
  • Temperature adjustment from elasticated and poppered cuff.
  • Handwarming and additional storage from two zipped waist level pockets.
  • Venting, weather protection and minimal rucking provided by concealed, elasticated waist and hem drawcords.
  • Protection to the kidney area when bending or stretching from scooped tail.
  • Adds insulation without having to take off other garments – can be worn either OVER or UNDER waterproofs, without affecting their performance.
  • Excellent weather protection provided by the exceptional Analogy Fleece technology - works even in conditions of high humidity to keep you dry inside.
  • Provides full Directional Waterproof performance when worn under a Fuera Windproof jacket.

What it does: Nikwax Analogy® Fleece, like mammal fur, repels water and actively pushes both liquid water and water vapour away from the body. Fleeces keep you warm by trapping still air between their fibres. Soak a conventional fleece in water and it loses up to 95% of its insulation. Nikwax® Fleece offers superior comfort, especially in humid conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Two layer construction traps still air giving superior insulation to keep you warm.
  • Outer layer provides Directional water-repellency while the Pump Liner actively pushes liquid moisture away from the body keeping you dry from precipitation, perspiration and condensation.
  • Continues to work just as effectively even in high humidity or very cold conditions.
  • Water-repellency can be easily renewed for the lifetime of the garment with Nikwax Aftercare.
  • The fabric is soft, flexible and hard-wearing.

How it works:

  1. Skin surface
  2. Parameta® S is shown here worn next to the skin, drawing water away to keep you dry.
  3. Nikwax Analogy® Pump Liner pumps water away from the body.
  4. Nikwax® Fleece outer fabric allows air to be trapped between Pump Liner and outer to give insulation.
  5. Outer fabric is treated to give Directional water-repellency, deflecting water away from the body.
  6. Nikwax® Fleece can be combined with Nikwax® Windproof to provide a fully Directional waterproof and windproof system.

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