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Paramo Expedition Towel S/M
Product Code pmoexptwlsm





Made from Parameta® S Light fabric, this lightweight towel provides a luxurious feel with unique water-management properties to give a low bulk, rapid drying towel, ideal for expedition and general travel use.

Average Weight: 133g

Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm

  • Lightweight - less than half the weight of an equivalent cotton towel
  • Rapid drying - dries twice as fast as an equivalent cotton towel
  • High water absorption
  • Low bulk and small pack size is ideal for when travelling
  • Mesh sack allows rapid drying 'on the move'
  • Takes less space in your rucksack (pack size 13cm long x 7cm diameter)
  • Towel size 100cm x 70cm
  • Hanging loop

What it does: Parameta® S is a reversible, asymmetrical, wicking fabric that directs water to one face and captures still air in the other, so it can be used to cool you down or warm you up as you choose, in response to the temperature, your level of activity and your own physiology.

Key benefits:

  • Specially constructed fabric so that water concentrates naturally in one face of the fabric only - the smooth face.
  • As a result, it can provide protection from wind-blown mist and drizzle and recovers fast from immersion.
  • Offers excellent temperature control and comfort - you can react to different temperature and activity levels depending on the way out you wear it.
  • You need only one garment to fulfil the role of two - offering both value for money and less to carry or wear.

How it works:

If you are working hard or are hot you need to wear the smooth face of the fabric next to your skin, which holds water close to your skin to evaporate and so keep you cool.

  1. Skin surface
  2. Smooth, water-attracting face of the fabric worn next to the skin holds water next to the skin to cool the body
  3. Fleecy face of Parameta® S

If you are in colder conditions or keeping still you need to wear the fleecy face of the fabric next to your skin to trap still air and keep you warm:

  1. Skin surface
  2. Fleecy face of the reversible fabric worn next to the skin captures air between fabric and skin, and pushes water away from the skin, in order to warm the body
  3. Smooth water-attracting face of Parameta® S draws water to the outer layer away from the skin

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