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Paramo Men's Bentu Windproof Jacket
Product Code MWU94




The Men’s Paramo Bentu Jacket is designed to be combined with the Bentu Fleece to provide maximum versatility and flexibility for a wide range of walking and nature activities on hills and valleys, lowlands and coasts where one might encounter rain, cold, sun or wind. When worn alone, the Bentu Windproof Jacket can cut a gale force wind and protect against summer showers and squalls. ‘Zoned’ Pump Liner® in the hood and across the shoulders provides clever drainage technology for added protection in heavy rain. When worn in combination with the Bentu Fleece, the system gives full waterproof protection.

Average Weight: 325g

Sizing Information for Paramo Garments

  • Fully adjustable hood for precise fit. Hood can be stowed securely when not in use.
  • Mesh Pump Liner® in hood and across shoulders for directional removal of moisture and waterproofing in areas of greatest impact.
  • Two-way front zip allows easy ventilation and access to inner layers.
  • Articulated shoulders and sleeves for maximum movement.
  • Hook and loop cuff closure for precise adjustment, also allows sleeves to be pushed or rolled up for cooling.
  • Hem drawcord for fit and extra weather protection with adjusters secured in pockets.
  • Two large map-sized storage pockets on the chest for quick access to essential equipment. Reflective zips aid visibility (not on Moss).
  • Two large handwarming pockets.
  • Renewable water-repellency with application of Nikwax® TX.Direct®.

What it does: Nikwax Windproof uses a closely woven microfibre fabric which cuts wind chill and protects your insulation but still allows the movement of moisture away from the body. It can be treated with Nikwax durable water-repellency to deflect the rain.

Key benefits:

  • Prevents windchill, to keep you warm.
  • Easily treated and re-treated with Nikwax Aftercare products to keep you dry too.
  • Excellent moisture vapour transfer or breathability minimises condensation.
  • Extremely resilient and durable fabric, it won’t degrade in UV light
  • Folds or compresses without any damage making it ideal to carry

How it works:

  1. Skin surface
  2. Parameta S is shown here worn next to the skin drawing water away to keep you dry
  3. Nikwax® Windproof's closely woven microfibre provides wind proofing and Nikwax durable water-repellency.
  4. Wind is deflected away from the body, while perspiration as water vapour can escape. If treated with Nikwax Waterproofing® products it can also provide durable and renewable water-repellency.


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