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DMM Wallnuts Set 3 to 8
Product Code A1613/18A




This set contains DMM Wallnuts sizes 3 to 8, and would make an ideal start to a beginners rack. The Wallnut has a grooved back that alows the nut to be placed at half depth greatly improving their use on shallow cracks. Wallnuts are available in sizes 1-11 with sizes 7-11 all being extruded alloy. We have found through personal experience that the wallnuts will usually seat a bit faster than other brands although they can be a little more tricky than others to remove. All of these nuts are colour coded and size/colour matches with other pieces of protection from the range. DMM Wallnuts and Wild Country Rocks compliment each other perfectly on your rack. DMM Wallnuts offer an extra placement over Wild Country Rocks.

Mini Wallnuts are also in the Wallnut range offering protection with smaller cracks although you may want to consider a Dmm Peanut set if you're faced with lots of shallow placements or tricky pin scars.

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