Beal Genius Tool Bucket




A rigid 20 litre bucket for power tools such as a hammer drill, electric screwdriver or angle grinder; constructed with a clever ‘twist and fold’ function to reduce size for storage.

Strong points:

  • Easy, convenient access to tools
  • Additional BUCKETs can be added
  • Rigid carrying handle with a minimum breaking load of 100kg
  • ‘twist and fold’ function to reduce size for storage
  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap helps to carry the bucket
  • Reinforced base

Small gear loops on the outside and inside edges of the bag can be used to attach small CLIC CLAC pockets (TOOL BUCKET, GLASS BUCKET, LONG TOOL BUCKET) to organise your work station as you wish.


  • Capacity: 20 L
  • Weight: 830 g
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Max. load: 50 kg

Bucket Hat temporarily out of stock

Conformance: Non PPE

SKU: BSAC.GTB TAG: Bags - Kit & Rope

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