Lyon Canvas Edge Sheet & Rope Protector




The Canvas Edge Sheet is a large fabric panel that provides limited protection for fixed ropes from abrasion. 
Commonly used in rope rescue operations it may be deployed as an open sheet laid and secured to an irregular surface.

The Canvas Edge Sheet may also assist in containing loose, lightweight materials which may be dislodged during technical rope work in the natural environment.

  • Dual layer canvas construction
  • 90 x 90 cm sheet size
  • Secure installation using prusik type attachment

The Canvas Rope Protectors are popular for situations where a localised area of rope protection from limited abrasion is required. 
With a durable dual layer canvas construction, they can be installed directly on the rope or secured to the structure using a combination of the attached cord plus hook and loop closures provided.

Size: 70 x 55cm

SKU: LS5CL TAG: Rope Protection

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