SMC Flex Pad



The SMC FLEX was originally designed for the demanding Technical Fire Rescue market as a canvas replacement. 
But after using and sharing the FLEX we realized it is much more than just the ultimate in configurable rope management and protection. 
We realized the FLEX is FLEXible in its uses and the only limitation is your own imagination. 
The FLEX can be used in a magnitude of configurations providing solutions for an ever growing amount of problems you might face while in the field or around the house. 
Use a stand alone FLEX or connection multiple FLEX pads with the FLEX Clips to helps solve everyday problems.

Made from an ultra light-weight, durable, abrasion resistant plastic
Inter-connectable to configure into any form or fashion desired for when a longer or wider surface area is needed
Adaptable; can wrap about itself for protection objects from ropes, can be connected in sandwich fashion to form a rope channel
100% recyclable.

SKU: SM148200 TAG: Rope Protection

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