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Removable anchor with locking function

The COEUR PULSE is a removable high-quality stainless steel anchor that can be installed and removed for reuse very simply and rapidly, without tools. 
The locking function limits the risk of involuntary removal.

Detailed description

  • Easy to use:

- simple, rapid installation and removal, without tools, allowing it to be reused (1)
- locking function limits the risk of involuntary removal

  • Easy clipping:

- the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates karabiner clipping
- the width of the hole allows installation of two karabiners at the same time

  • Prevents wear of karabiners thanks to the thickness of the hanger and the rounded edges of the connection hole
  • Hanger anti-rotation system: textured back keeps the hanger from turning when the anchor is being installed or when it is heavily laterally loaded during use

(1) For optimal use of the anchor, the hole must be perfectly cylindrical. To this end, opt for a drill bit with three or four cutting edges.



  • Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Certification: CE EN 795 B
RefP37S 12
Diameter12 mm
Weight140 g
Drilling depth6.5 cm
Drilling diameter 12 mm
Shear strength in 50 MPa concrete> 25 kN
Pull-out strength in concrete 50 MPa> 20 kN

Guarantee: 3 years

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