Beal Air-Leash



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Extendable gear leash which allows tools to remain attached whilst in use.

Consists of 2 parts:
- An extendable spiral cord (up to 300%) that attaches using a mini karabiner to the TOOL-BUCKET or HARNESS
- A removable tool attachment loop which connects to the spiral cord.

The attachment loop is designed to connect to tools using a lark's head knot or clinching using the plastic cordlock. (suitable tools should be used).

  •  A ring allows the tool to be clipped to a connector on the harness between uses.
  •  The removable tool attachment loop is available separately.
  •  All tools that are equipped with the removable tool attachment loop can be attached to the spiral cord when needed.

Minimum length: 45 cm - Elongation under 500g: 150 cm
Maximum weight of the tool: 500

SKU: BAL TAG: Tool Lanyards & Holders

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