To fix your tools anywhere, use this ultra-practical magnetic plate.

A multi-position and modular magnetic plate
The ATTRAC'TOOL is placed on the belt or shoulder of the HERO PRO harness. 
But also on the gear rack of a harness or bucket or directly on our TOOL BELT. 
You choose the place that is most convenient for you! Modular depending on the tools and work situations, you can position it horizontally or vertically.

Working at height: practicality above all
If you choose to attach your ATTRAC'TOOL to the harness belt, a strap holds the plate firmly along the thigh. 
This is to prevent it from lifting up when you pick up a tool. 
This strap is also used to hang your plate, from the railing of an aerial basket for example.

SKU: BAAT TAG: Tool Lanyards & Holders

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