DMM 12mm Steel Offset D Karabiner



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An Offset D connector takes the spinal loading strength of a D-shaped back but extends the basket at one end to maximize gate opening and overall size without compromising ergonomics and weight. 
Cold forged from 12mm bar, the strengths achieved in testing exceed 45kN and it is first choice in applications requiring stronger connectors in their systems.

Offset D for ergonomics
The Offset D connector shape takes the optimal loading of a D-shaped connector but with an increased internal volume at one end - the basket. This adds to the positivity in the hand, especially when wearing gloves.

Cold forged

MBS (Major Axis): 45kN

MBS (Minor Axis): 12kN

MBS (Gate Open): 12kN

Dimensions: 62 x 111mm

RefWeightGate Opening


EN 362:2004 B/T,
EN12275:2013 B

SKU: C817 TAG: Connectors - Steel Karabiners

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