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Openable cam-loaded rope clamp

Simple to use and ergonomic, the RESCUCENDER is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device.

 Detailed description

  • Designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device
  • Simple to use, and ergonomic:

- openable cam allows installation or removal of the rope clamp at any point on the rope
- independent safety catches on each side of the device allow easy opening while reducing the risk of accidental opening. These safety catches are equipped with indicators that show when they are unlocked.
- cam integrated into frame of device for ease of handling
- large attachment hole to facilitate carabiner rotation
- integrated cam spring helps avoid accidental snagging and increases durability

  • Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Nylon
  • Weight: 260 g
  • Certifications: CE EN 567 for use with 9 to 13 mm rope
  • Certifications: CE EN 12841 type B, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, EAC for use with 10 to 13 mm rope

Guarantee 3 years

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