A comfortable, ergonomic fall arrest and work positioning safety harness.

A Harness designed for work at height
The HERO PRO harness allows all workers at height to work in optimal conditions. 
The X-shaped design of its shoulder straps ensures excellent load distribution. 
In addition, the semi-rigid thigh loops and waist belt provide optimal pressure distribution where the body is in contact with the harness, without compression points. 
The padded shoulder straps are held apart to minimise neck chafing. 
In addition, the breathable honeycomb foam lining the waistband, thigh and shoulder straps improves the overall comfort of the harness by limiting perspiration. 
For added safety, its rear anchor ring is made of steel. This harness was also designed to be as ergonomic as possible. 
The two side loops on the belt can be folded to save space. The two quick release buckles (one on each thigh) make it easy to put he harness on even when wearing bulky shoes. 
A removable elastic strap keeps the belly blocker in place on the harness. 
The harness is also fitted with two loops on the shoulder straps to hold accessories and four large pre-shaped gear loops around the waist. 
Available in black for use by the entertainment industry and for operational forces.

Compatible with our accessories for professionals.
The HERO PRO harness also incorporates six mini gear loops to attach expandable tool holders such as AIR LEASH, SUPER LEASH or 3 tool buckets such as TOOL-BUCKET, GLASSBUCKET or LONG TOOL BUCKET. 
 Moreover, for the identification and traceability of the harness, the back part of the belt has a personalization area for your company name and an identification area with QR CODE to create your unique identification. 
Being able to use a range of accessories with this versatile harness means it adapts to all work situations. 

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